How do I Disable Sending Referrers?

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Disable Referrer for Internet Explorer

This can be done from the computer's Control Panel > Internet Options, or from within the browser Tools > Internet Options.

  1. Click Security.
  2. Click Trusted Sites then Sites.
  3. Add your website address in the box provided and click Add.
  4. Uncheck the box that requires https verification.
  5. Click the Privacy tab (Medium is an acceptable setting on the slider, but click Sites and again enter your website address)/
  6. Now click Allow.
  7. Click Apply.

This has only altered settings for your website and this does not otherwise affect your browsing.

Turn off referrer for Firefox 1.0+


Use the RefControl extention for Firefox:

Manually Setting

Warning: this method may be considered as a privacy risk as all sites will receive referers.

  1. Type about:config in the URL address bar.
  2. A large collection of alphabetically listed information will appear in the browser window.
  3. Search for network.http.sendRefererHeader.
  4. By default, this is set at 2.
  5. If it is set to 0 - which disables sending referrers - right click it, select Modify and enter 0 as the value.

See for more information.


Sending referrers is enabled by default.

If you have disabled it, go to Tools > Preferences > Privacy and re-enable it.


If you have disabled it, go to Tools > Privacy > Block referrers (if already checked)

Norton Internet Security

Go to Privacy Control > Advanced > Add Site.

Add your URL (ie. and make sure everything is permitted.


Go to Privacy > Surf > Information Hiding, and uncheck the "Last Web site visited" box.

Sygate Firewall

The free version of this firewall does not block sending referrers.

The Pro version:

Click Tools > Options > Security

Ensure that 'enable stealth mode browsing' is checked.

Kerio Firewall 4

Turn OFF the HTTP referrer under the privacy tab of web filtering.

Zone Alarm Pro


  1. Right-click the red M icon.
  2. Click Privacy Service.
  3. Click Options.
  4. The McAfee Privacy Service window appears. Click Cookies.
  5. Enter each website address from which you would like to allow cookies.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Once completed, close the window

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